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I am a grandmother with three grown children, three grandsons, and one granddaughter. I am… by no means… a traditional grandma.  I am a Baby Boomer, a product of the ‘60’s, and have been riding Harleys for over 30 years. In my younger years, I spent my summers working security at motorcycle events, did tons of custom leatherwork, and lots of writing for motorcycle magazines. Now in my retirement years, I am getting back to the riding, the writing and the artwork that I love.  

Professionally, I have over twenty years of experience working in the fields of special education, high school campus security, juvenile justice, youth and family services, and residential treatment.  I have worked with Title I students, SED youth, foster youth, special needs students, and juvenile offenders. After twenty years in government jobs, at public school sites and juvenile court schools, I retired from my government job, and went to work in the private sector, first as a counselor, and later as a supervisor at a residential treatment facility for troubled and at-risk youth.  They were all very challenging, very demanding, sometimes frustrating, and frequently stressful jobs. I can’t imagine doing anything else. For me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping these kids find their way.  

I grew up in Orange County, California, and moved to the Sacramento area 17 years ago.  I returned to Southern California recently when my mom lost her house in the San Diego wildfires.  I’m very happy to be back home. I raised a bi-polar daughter to adulthood with my own sanity intact.  She was in three Level 14 facilities, and two out-of-state placements, always on a parent placement.  I was always a hands-on part of her treatment team.  Those experiences gave me the added insight of parent issues and challenges, and have made me a strong advocate for children and parents dealing with similar difficulties. 

As a result of both my personal and professional experiences, my exposure to so many at-risk youth, and my experiences in dealing with these kinds of difficulties, that I have such a strong desire to devote much of my future writing to the issues surrounding foster youth, at-risk youth, and their families.

On a personal note… my greatest loves in life are my four grandchildren, my art and my books, and riding Harleys. I rode a little flathead metermaid trike for years in my younger days, and would love nothing more than getting another bike now. I really miss having my own bike, almost as much as I miss my two grandsons up in Northern California. I love you & miss you bunches, Joshua & Justin! I am looking forward to the time they are old enough to fly alone. I also enjoy the time I spend with my other two grandchildren living here in Southern California. I love you, Mikey & Brooke! I absolutely love being a grandma, ‘cause I get to spoil them & then send them home!!!

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